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“Little Darlings, by Jacqueline Wilson”

a book review

It was 2014 when I was almost at the end of my YA fantasy phase and trying to snap out of the Hunger Games hangover when my mum bought me Little Darlings by Jacqueline Wilson. I had no idea who this author was or what this book was about, but I was willing to give it a try and read it has been one of the best reading experiences of my life.

It is a coming-of-age story that revolves around two families joined by an unavoidable string, both broken, but one on the inside and one on the outside.  One family comprises of the tomboyish Destiny, a girl with a penchant for singing, and her mother, who are making it work for them even without having a strong family structure to balance on. The other family has tired-of-limelight Sunset, her made-for-camera siblings, her rockstar father, and her trophy-wife mother.

When the paths of these two girls cross, all hell breaks loose. Closet doors are opened and skeletons tumble out. A certain Rockstar reveals some shocking truths and families collapse. But amidst all this chaos, the two girls form a bond of sisterhood that cannot be broken. The purity of their friendship is one of the strongest things in the story. We see two young girls looking past worldly differences and accepting each other for who they are and what role they might play in each other’s eyes. Their love isn’t superficial, it is substantial, and Wilson writes it so well that we can feel our judgment-clouded eyes clear up and see people for what they are, and not what they possess. We learn and grow with the girls.

This work of Jacqueline Wilson is a warm tale of love, betrayal, family, forgiveness, and growth. It transports us to a whole new world where our problems do not matter anymore, and we witness moments that shape the characters. We laugh with them, and we cry with them. This book depicts a tumultuous journey that might not be the same for everyone but can encompass the same feelings that we might go through in our lives. Reading it introduced me to new perspectives that I could view the world with, and I recommend everyone to give it a read, regardless of their age

A book review by one of the editorial members of the next chapter. VIT’s official book club(link below)


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