About Us

There are a lot of people who are passionate about reading novels and they can spend a whole day reading novels. Besides the fun and tranquility, novels are also very instrumental in boosting our language, imagination, creativity, analytical thinking skills, and intellectual flavor. Some novels are also very educative and are important at modifying our behavior helping improve society. As much as there are several advantages that accompany reading novels, a lot of people still do not read novels. This is not because they do not want to, but it’s because of its herculean to acquire their ideal novels. This is why we developed readerskart.com to help people easily get their ideal novels. Readerskart.com enables you to buy secondhand books online easily. We have a huge collection of novels in our store and we feature several types, from fiction, mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, and romance. We are also very dynamic and it’s in our store where copies of the latest novels can never be missed. We are striving to scale online book shopping in India to a whole new level and we currently deliver used books all over India. Our personnel is very committed and our company is keen on offering services that will meet our client’s highest expectations. Besides the variety, our unbeatable prices is another factor that keeps at the top as a bookselling company. All our products are very pocket friendly and give great value for every coin spent. This is attributed to the fact that it’s always cheaper to buy old books than new ones. Before selling our second-hand books online we ensure that good quality can still be appreciated and our clients can have a good reading experience out of them. Our used book store is the best place to be for passionate readers looking to save some cash while enjoying the great variety we offer.