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Dark Tales by Shirley Jackson

Best Classic Books to Read

Genre- Horror, Psychological Thriller

It’s October, and the air is laden with witchy vibes. If you are looking for the perfect Halloween read, I am here to tell you why ‘Dark Tales’ by Shirley Jackson makes the cut.

Spirits and Ghosts aside, humans are capable of great evil. Lurking in the shadows are people who would do anything to hurt us, including putting us in a box. In ‘The Possibility of Evil’ a woman sends letters to random people in her neighborhood- letters of disdain, scorn, and gossip. ‘Paranoia’ seeps right into our souls as our character encounters a hooded figure following him at a safe distance, leaving the ending open to possibilities- mostly the ones that will send a shiver down your spine.

Jackson’s characters are inspired by people in her real life, a husband plagued by infidelity, and a mother who would rather see her daughter be mediocre. In ‘What a Thought’ a woman plans ways to murder her husband in a seemingly mundane conversation, a thought that has guilt and revenge written all over it.

 ‘The Stories We Used to Tell’ falls right into the spooky basket- two girls trapped in a picture with no escape in sight. ‘Louisa, Please Come Home’ is more of a social message, especially how people expect us to fit in a box and any deviation makes us unrecognizable to the people we love.

 ‘The Bus’ is trippy, with a girl lost in an infinite look of sleep, dreams, and reality. A rip off of the classic ‘Jack the Ripper’ is a serial killer’s approach to finding his next victim, a predator waiting to attack.

Jackson’s stories are atmospheric and with twists, you can’t see coming. Just like any other anthology, there are stories that might fall flat, but the collection depicts what a master storyteller Jackson is. So what are you waiting for? Add this book to your TBR right away.

Guest Post by- Mridula Gupta 

Mridula Gupta a reviewer and content creator by profession famed for her aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed and exciting captions. She is a fan of historical fiction and Rom-Coms. 

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