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How Used Books Save Money for Readers

Used Books

“Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky, My pile of books is a mile high.”

Love reading? Do you have the typical bibliophile fantasy to rack up bookshelves that are sky-high and forever indulge in their safe heaven? Are you a non-recovering bookworm who cannot suppress their urge to buy new books of their favorite authors as soon as they are released? Do you feel that the hard copies are far better than the Kindle ones? Or is it that you go for e-books hoping to save a few bucks?

As a kid, I felt as if I were in candy land when my parents took me for a yearly visit to my favorite bookstore. Those beautiful new with glossy covers and mesmerizing aroma took me to an alternate world. But my biggest enemy was the price tag. Leave alone hardcover novels, a paperback novel costed more than a movie ticket. It is no mystery that the price inevitably ends up being a hurdle for your cozy bookshelf. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a good read and keep the costs down at the same time.

Online secondhand book stores are the best at providing a variety of titles to the readers. They can afford to be more varied in what they stock, thereby giving customers plenty of options. These are often treasure troves of out-of-print books, many of which might not exist in an e-book or an audio-book form.

Some people generally tend to buy brand new, untouched books to add to their collection. Some of us are not patient enough to wait for the newly released books to arrive at a used bookstore. But it is always better to search online used books sites before making a purchase.

Sometimes when we scroll through an online used books store, we not only find ourselves exploring new genres but also end up buying a bunch of more than we had earlier planned. With the same budget, we can now fill our shelves with more paperbacks. Some of these used books store even have a provision to donate old books in exchange for credit to buy more.

On rare occasions, I stumble upon some copies of used books only to realize later that they were autographed copies! Second-hand books often come with old bookmarks, and little notes add grace to them.

Second-hand books or so-called “used books” have lived in many homes, maybe traveled to sunny beaches, or perhaps have been carried in a crowded backpack up on a mountain, or may have had a mesmerizing airplane journey. These pages host untold tales and memories of its beholder. The book bespeaks its own story apart from the content of its pages. So next time when a price tag makes you skirt away, log in to an online website that sell used books not only to save some penny but also to be a part of a greater reading community, one that reads for wisdom.

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