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The Girl on the Train

Train Journeys are always exciting that too if we travel on a local train we have various opportunities to see and experience interesting people and situations. How far will you go if someone you are seeing from distance (day to day) during your daily journey is missing?

This story moves around three strongly woven women characters, Rachel, Megan and Anna.

Rachel a divorcee, alcohol addict who lost her job, travels daily from Ashbury to Euston (London suburb) in 8.04 am train (slow train according to her), living in a spare room of her university friend Cathy.  Rachel doesn’t want to reveal her job loss to Cathy, daily she pretends like going to a job by traveling on this train.

Megan housewife who had a horrible past, she loved her brother and his bike. But he lost his life in an accident, this haunts her and forces her to get out of home at an early age. Later she connects with someone who is elder to her and gave birth to a child and eventually loses the child. Now married to Scott who knows very little about her past.

Anna former real-estate agent now a housewife taking care of baby “Evie” married to tom (tom is a divorcee). Anna wants to be on her own, that is not happening because of her responsibility (kid).

What connects these three characters let’s see

In her daily commute Rachel adores a couple on the trackside house “15”, she doesn’t know anything about them except seeing them daily from distance, she named them a “ Jess and Jason”  and claims knows in and out of the house the couple lived in. She admired the way how they took care of each other.

On a day the media was a frenzy about missing women and when Rachel heard about it she was shocked to see it was Jess. She knows how Jason could have devastated because of this and she wants to help him. She found their actual name is Scott and Megan after reading the entire story in newspapers, she wants to help scot because she believes she saw Megan with someone else on their terrace when Scott was out of town.

She decided to visit Scott pretending to be a friend of Megan and share what she knows. The moment she does this, the story leads to her past life that led to her present state of mind. At the same time, this eventually leads her to trouble because Rachel lived in the same avenue with tom who is the husband of Anna. When Anna notices her and she doubts that Rachel is there to trouble her kid and want to take legal action, tom intervenes here and stops Anna to prevent Rachel temporarily.

Police enter the scene and find that Rachel was there on the day when Megan was missing and also she doesn’t have any friendship with Megan. Based on her unstable mind both investigators and Scott advised her to get out of the entire issue. In between Megan’s body was found in a water body on the outskirts of the town.

Did Rachel stopped intervening the whole situation, did police found the person who is responsible for the murder of Megan. The plot takes to the serious of past incidents involving Rachel – Megan- Tom – Anna and Scott that eventually lead us to find the killer and the reason.

A tightly knitted story takes us page by page in ease without losing the concentration and makes us predict the outcome, which usually fails at the end in this kind of book. The end was a bit loose before the culprit was identified I felt this is the only negative aspect of this book.  Otherwise, the story was enthralling from page one. Ardent readers may be disappointed with the end; overall this book is completely recommended.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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